Industry Tricks & Tips for any Employer

May 17th, 2018

Trust me, our team at TPI Staffing understands your hiring challenges! Throughout the recruiting week our VP of Operations brainstorms to help deliver our clients’ top talent, check out a few we are putting into practice.

Industry Tricks & Tips:

  • Have you looked at your pay rates recently? There’s a big chance they aren’t keeping up with the market. Ask us for our free opinion on pay ranges.
  • Hiring Events can draw a crowd. Make it FUN with music and energy, social media sharing can be a big plus so make a hashtag for your event and watch it go VIRAL.
  • Sign On Bonuses are on the RISE, categories in high demand are needing extra incentive. Machinists and Skilled Labor roles give it a try and put a disclaimer to it, they don’t have to be paid out immediately.
  • Your Social Media is a FREE resource that candidates love to follow. Keep it current and engaging and candidates will stay accessible to your company when you need them. Have you looked at yours lately?


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