Resume Writing Tips

June 8th, 2018

Our writers (aka Recruiters) are hard at work for you on arguably the most important topic. Brought to you in a quick and honest conversation, avoid these pitfalls.

Stay tuned for more, here’s a sneak peek at some tips coming your way!

Objective is going out of style! Unless you have a strong message you are wasting valuable resume space in the most powerful location of your resume. Get right to your skills and experience.

Skills Summary– HOT BED for strong keywords and content. Don’t forget about this! It’s the MECA of buzzwords easy to a Recruiter’s eyes.

Grammar, Punctuation and Formatting– Does it really matter? We’ve seen it all at TPI Staffing… care to put attention and detail to your resume. Misspelling? Yikes!

Education– Avoid graduation dates, it may not play to your benefit. Give detail for School, Degree Type and Location.

Job Titles Matter– A Recruiter needs to understand what you did at quick glance… Contractor or Self Employed titles won’t cut it.

Most OVERUSED Terms-Are you Guilty? The odds are your resume says “Team Player” “Time Management” or “Customer Service”… really what it says is “Generic” and quite frankly kinda blase’. What are YOUR skills or strengths? Get creative.


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